Registrations for Winter 2024 Season (Terms 2 & 3) NOW CLOSED

Late registrations: Please contact if you would like to apply for a late registration. Late registrations are subject to conditions and availability. Admin fees may apply.

Registration Fees for Winter 2024

All players:

  • Early Bird fee: $330 – available until Friday 1st March
  • Full Fee: $340 – available from Saturday 2nd March to Sunday 17th March

Please note: Registration closed on Sunday the 17th of March @ 5PM. NOW CLOSED.

  • 5% discount for each subsequent child*.
  • This covers club registration fee and all match payments, including finals.

Basketball Victoria Annual Participant License fee: 

Junior (17 and under) $29 annually and Senior (18 and over) $43 annually – for more information visit BV license fee.

*Please note that PlayHQ will ask you to register a child and pay for them and then you will have the option to register another child and you will pay for them in a separate transaction and so on for each subsequent child.

PlayHQ Registration

In 2020, Basketball Victoria moved all Victorian basketball clubs and teams over to a new registration system – PlayHQ.

IMPORTANT: Parents MUST first register themselves as the primary account holder (if they haven’t done so in a previous season). Then register your child/ren after that (as dependents under your own account) so that the accounts are linked correctly, and you can manage their accounts.

DO NOT create your first child as the primary account holder.

It is best to use a personal email address that you will have long term access to as you will need this to log in to your account in the future.​You can also add the contact details of an additional parent to each child’s account during the registration process if you wish.

Please contact if you have any registration questions or issues.

EDJBA Age groups information:

Please visit: for more information on EDJBA age group policies.

Click here… to view Winter Age Groups PDF.

Hawks Team Selection:

When registering your child, please provide any necessary information to assist in team selection, including your accurate training availability. Please see the Team Selection Policy for further details.

Selection and placement

Team Selectors will seek feedback from coaches and observe player performance to make decisions regarding team selection. There are many factors involved in placing teams, including coach availability, player training availability, player skill and development, participation in training and games and friendship requests. Selectors will also look to create balanced teams so looking at a player’s scoring during a season will not give you an indication of which team they will be selected for. Ball handling, defensive skill, court and play awareness and a range of other skills are considered in obtaining a good balance (you cannot have a team full of ball handlers and no rebounders).

Friendship request

Players may nominate up to two friendship requests. Please put the full names of the requests on the registration form to assist the team selectors. The club will endeavour to meet at least one of the nominated friendship requests, provided it is reciprocal and both players have similar training availability, however, this cannot be guaranteed.
Teams will move from season to season and it is a great opportunity for players to widen their friendship groups and meet new people.

Training availability

While we understand that players have a range of other commitments, please be aware that training availability has a significant impact on team composition. The more available you are, the more likely you are to be placed in a team of similar skill and with known players. While every request will be made to allocate you to training time that suits, this is not always possible.

Feedback on team selection

When you receive your team sheet, you will have one week to make requests for changes. Please do not contact the club directly with your change requests. All change requests should be made through the online form link which was included in the email sent out with team sheets. An outcome will be provided within the first week of grading. The outcome will be final and no further changes will be considered. Please note that while every effort will be made to accommodate requests, movement of one player can have an impact on a number of teams and may not be possible.