For Coaches

Coaching for Banyule Hawks

Without coaches, our club would simply not exist. Each team has a committed coach who volunteers their time weekly for training, plus each game day and other time outside of this for development and planning.

Our Head of Coaching has a set of basic Coach expectations that are set at the beginning of each season, along with the required skills players should be developing across seasons.

Expressions of interest for coaches are taken as part of the player registration process, after which our Team Coordinator reviews team allocation, previous experience and availability to determine a suitable coach.

Coaching can be one of the most rewarding parts of adult participation in our club and we encourage anyone to join – all that is required is some basic knowledge of basketball skills and strategy, and a willingness to learn!

Luke Egan Coaches Clinics

Week 1:  Footwork, Ball-Handling & Passing:

Week 2: Shooting & Individual Offensive Skills:

Week 3: Defence & Rebounding:

Week 4: Team-based Offensive Drills & Strategies:

Coach Development Series

Team Defence:

Team Offence:

Resources for Coaches

Training Handbook – Click here to download..

Basketball Coaching Made Easy – Individual Offensive and Defensive Skills.pdf

Basketball Coaching Made easy – Team Offensive and Defensive Skills.pdf

Basketball Coaching Made Easy – Training Drills.pdf

Basketball Coaching Made Easy.pdf