Child Safety


The Banyule Hawks Basketball Club is committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment for all of its members, particularly its youngest and most vulnerable members. With the introduction of the Child Safe Standards by the Victorian Government on 1 July 2022, it is even more important for our club to ensure that we are meeting these standards and doing all that we can to protect the children and young people in our care.

The Child Safe Standards set out the minimum requirements that organisations like ours must meet to create and maintain a child safe environment. They cover a range of areas, including governance, policies and procedures, recruitment, communication and training. By complying with these standards, we can help to prevent and respond to child abuse and protect the wellbeing of our members.

At the Banyule Hawks Basketball Club, we take the safety and wellbeing of our members very seriously. We have always had policies and procedures in place to protect children and young people, but the Child Safe Standards provide a framework for us to strengthen our commitment to child safety and ensure that we are doing everything we can to create a safe and inclusive environment for all our members. We are committed to working towards compliance with the standards and to continuing to improve our practices over time.

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Click here… to view the Vicsport guidelines for Communication when working with children

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Meet our Child Wellbeing and Safety Advisor

Banyule Hawks Basketball Club has appointed Child Wellbeing and Safety Advisors who have specific responsibility for responding to any observation, query or complaint made by children, staff, volunteers or parents related to child safety and wellbeing matters. If a person does not feel comfortable making a report to a Child Wellbeing and Safety Advisor, they may report their concern to a member of the committee or a staff member or volunteer, who will be required to report concerns to the Child Wellbeing and Safety Advisor. 

Our Child Wellbeing and Safety Advisor is Andrew Meiliunas.

If you wish to discuss a child safety matter or make a report,

please contact or contact 0421 496 523.

Your report will be dealt with in confidence.

Additional information on safeguarding children