The Banyule Hawks use the following principles in the process of selecting teams: 

  • All players must register by the registration cut-off date to be eligible for placement in a team. Players who do not meet this deadline will be placed on a waiting list, and only placed in a team if an appropriate vacancy exists. 
  • Teams are generally made up of 7-8 players to ensure all players are given plenty of court time by the coach, although teams of 6 or 9 may occur depending on registration numbers. 
  • When a team is to have 9 players, this will be agreed with the coach prior to the 9th player being placed. 
  • Teams will be selected according to each player’s level of skill and ability and to facilitate their ongoing development. Teams will ideally be comprised of players that are of a similar skill level. 
  • Ideally, the highest graded team in each age group will be made up of the most skillful players. 
  • Team Selectors (with input from Coaches) will make this assessment and where deemed necessary “trials” may be conducted, however trials will not be the sole source of selection. 
  • The team number is only a guide to the team’s ability. It is not a direct measure of a player’s ability. The grade in which they play reflects the team’s ability, not the individual players. 
  • Whilst preferable, teams are not always composed of the best 7, or 8 players, followed by the second best 7 or 8 players and so on. 
  • A less skilled player may be placed in a higher graded team than a player of greater skill because:
    • The more skilled player is not available to train on a particular night. 
    • The less skilled player is more skilled in certain attributes which the higher team needs. E.G., offensive and defensive positioning and court spacing, shooting technique, rebounding etc. 
    • The more skilled player has commitment or behavioural issues at training and/or games. 
    • Confidence/performance/development issues with either player. Some players need a season at a higher level and some players need a season at a lower level to help with their 
      development or confidence. 
    • The less skilled player is more coachable, has more potential or is on a steeper improvement curve than the more skilled player. 
    • The less skilled player will benefit more greatly from the particular coach or players on the higher graded team. 
    • Sometimes two or more players just have to be separated for reasons that remain confidential. 
    • Two or more parents, who have children with similar playing ability, want to coach their child. 
  • Players may nominate up to ‘TWO’ friends and the club will endeavour to place each player with at least one of their nominated friends, provided the request is reciprocal and the players have similar training availability. If there is a skill difference between such players, the pair will be placed in a team ranked at a level that reflects the standard of the less skilled player. 
  • Children will play in their correct eligible age group. In extenuating circumstances, a player may be requested to play in a higher age group or in two teams (in their allocated age group and one higher, within the fill in rules). This will only occur with the agreement of the Team Selector and player’s parents and with endorsement of the Committee. Permission to play in two teams or outside of the players age group will only occur if:
    • The player is highly skilled and there are no teams of similar skill level within their playing age. 
    • It is required due to registration numbers in order to fill a team in the higher age group. 
    • There are circumstances that mean the player would not be able to participate or would be placed at a significant disadvantage by playing in their allocated age group. 
  • Any other requests or concerns should be noted when registering online. While these will be considered, the Committee cannot guarantee they will be met. 
  • Friendship teams can register in teams from the under 15 age group and up. 
  • If there is anything else the Selectors should know prior to team selection, players may include it on the registration form or contact the Teams Coordinator prior to close of registrations. 
  • Once the teams have been selected, they will not be altered at the whim of players/parents or coaches. 
  • Change requests can be made within one week of team sheets being submitted. These must be made using the online form. Review will be communicated in the first week of grading by the Teams Coordinator. (N.B. There could be circumstances where no change can be facilitated). 
  • Should a parent be unhappy with team selection then the decision of the Teams Coordinator will be final. 
  • Further appeal will be directed by the Teams Coordinator to the club committee for review. 
  • Players may nominate training availability on registration and efforts will be made to accommodate these requests, however, it cannot be guaranteed. 
  • Players may be moved to a lower graded team in order to meet their training availability requests. 
  • It is expected that all registered players attend training regularly at the allocated time. Playing without training will only be permitted in extenuating circumstances and in agreement with the Teams Coordinator, coach and parents. As this can have significant impact on team development, coaches may request a player be moved to another team if they are unable to attend the allocated training time. 


  • Friendship teams in age groups U15’s and up must appoint a Team Contact and notify the Administration Manager of their intent to register 
  • The team must supply a coach and minimum of 7 players, maximum of 9. 
  • If a friendship team nominates 7 players, an 8th player may be placed in the friendship team without prior notification if the player is of a similar skill and no alternative placement is available. 
  • All players in the friendship team must register within the registration period. If less than 7 players register during the registration period, the players will be allocated to teams in accordance with the normal team selection policy. 


Where a team is formed and existing players have a number clash. Parents need to arrange for a singlet swap to an alternative number for one of the affected players by either;

• a mutual exchange (your child may have a sibling or may know someone else in the club who is willing to swap for the season)
• if the player has recently purchased a new singlet which hasn’t been worn then the parent can arrange a swap with the club for a new number

Where none of the above can be facilitated, the player who has been with the club for the least amount of seasons will need to purchase a new singlet with a non-conflicting number. 

Where there is a dispute as to who retains the duplicate number – a simple countback will occur. The player who has played the most seasons with Banyule Hawks will have the right to retain the number.


Please visit the following link for our Concussion Policy: https://www.australia.basketball/about/governance/concussion-protocols


Please visit the following link for our Heat Policy:



1. Purpose

This policy explains the approach of the Banyule Hawks Basketball Club (the Club) to refunds of registration fees, game day fee payments paid in advance and other payments made to the Club.

2. When refunds will be considered

Within seven days of the closing of registrations, a registration can be withdrawn and money paid refunded.

Otherwise, refunds will only be made in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Club’s committee. Such circumstances may include:
• Player illness or injury that means the payer cannot play for at least six consecutive games. A medical certificate may be required.
• Relocation of the player of the player’s family more than 20 km from the Macleod YMCA.

3. When refunds will not be considered

Registration of a player is a commitment to playing the entire season to which the registration applies. Withdrawal of a player after registration can impact team structure, venue planning, coaching and grading. Players who cannot commit to the season should not register.

Specifically (and without limitation), refunds are not offered for:
• Change of mind
• Disapproval of the team to which a player is allocated
• Disapproval of the coach allocated to a player’s team
• Disapproval of the team number or grade
• Inability to train at the allocated time or venue
• Conflicting commitments
• Basketball Victoria sanctions being imposed on the player, parent or associate.

4. Refund process

Requests for refunds will be considered on a case by case basis. Requests for refunds are to be sent by email to info@banyulehawks.com.au and contain the following information:
• Players name
• Parent/guardian’s name
• Contact details
• Current age group and team
• Detail reason for request

All requestors will be notified in writing once a decision has been made.

All refunds will be subject to a $20 administration fee. If approved by the Club, refunds will be calculated on the basis of remaining games less the administration fee. Refunds will only be paid to the account of the person who paid the fee.

5. Reviewing this policy
This policy will be reviewed every two years and the Club seek views, comments and suggestions members of the Club.

Approved By: Banyule Hawks Basketball Club Committee
Endorsed On: 4 August 2019