Banyule Hawks Change of Game Day Uniform FAQ’s

Why are we investigating a potential change of uniform? 

Our existing player uniform has been in place for many years. As we look to move to a new supplier of game day attire, we are looking to use this opportunity to refresh the uniform and modernise its look. More importantly, we want to look at a move away from white regarding the player shorts. White shorts, especially for young women, are often seen as a deterrent to playing sport. As a result, we believe a fresh look and a move away from white shorts especially is a key aspect of why this opportunity is being reviewed. Several recent press articles help to highlight this challenge:

When would this uniform change take place? 

We are currently investigating options and have pencilled in a summer 2024/25. We have several key aspects of the change to complete ahead of this, not the least being a new uniform design. We will keep you posted as we move through every step of this journey.

What are the processes to implementing a new uniform? 

We need to work through several activities before we would be able to launch a new uniform. This would include getting a commercial outline (cost) locked in, finalising the design of a new uniform, getting EDJBA approval and having a rollout plan in place before final committal.  

How much would a uniform change going to cost me? 

We understand that rising costs in day-to-day life have made cost of living pressures real to families, so we are very conscious of this. Our desire is to do everything we can to minimise the one-time cost to change over to a new uniform (purchasing a jersey and shorts). We will look at potential sponsorship opportunities (likely sponsoring our shorts) to help offset the onetime cost. We will also leverage other means to reduce the costs in any way possible. We do however believe the benefits far outweigh the one-time costs to families.  

I am signing up now as a new player, what should I do? 

You should have selected that you needed a new uniform upon registering. If at all possible we will look to supply first time Banyule Hawksnewly registered Winter 2024 players with an existing jersey as a one-time event from our used stock on hand. Once registrations closes we will be in contact to establish how this gets managed.  

I am an existing player and my jersey is too small, what should I do? 

We would ask you to look at potentially deferring your purchase. If that’s not possible, please explore the possibility of intra-team swaps where possible. New jerseys and shorts can still be purchased from Fiddes through until April 2024. We can help manage number changes for you. Remember your player stats follow the player not the jersey number.  

I just bought a new uniform last season, what should I do? 

We understand that this may be the case for some players and families. It will be disappointing that you weren’t able to get multiple seasons from the uniform however we will ensure the new uniforms are of very high quality to ensure they have the ability to last many seasons ahead. 

Why are we moving away from Fiddes as supplier of our playing uniforms? 

Fiddes has supplied our uniforms for a number of years. Our current agreement is expiring in April of 2024, and we are taking the opportunity to hit reset and bring in new and different perspectives from an alternate supplier. We are procuring local, we want to support our local businesses and believe that exploring new partnerships helps us develop and grow as a club.  

Why are you asking me to recycle my old uniforms? 

Regardless of the potential uniform change, as a club we believe in the need to start promoting clothing recycling and cascading of uniforms. Many players and parents have asked us what they should do with old uniforms or uniforms that no longer fit. Our desire is to ensure that we stop sending clothing to landfill where ever possible. We should be swapping jerseys amongst families as children grow or leave the club. We would ask you to take a look at the following website in regards to the problems with clothing going into landfill:

If we change to a new uniform, what will we do with all of the old uniforms? 

We are exploring opportunities to undertake a bulk recycling effort where the jerseys and shorts could potentially be donated to an underprivileged community. Part of the new uniform implementation program will include the responsible management or recycling of old uniforms to avoid them going into landfill.  

What if my player number changes? 

As always we will work with players and families on number clashes as teams are established. As we get closer we will have more detailed instructions around numbers however the management of player number clashes is something we deal with during every team planning cycle.  

I am unhappy with these changes, what should I do? 

We have a club that is likely approaching 800 players and that means an extended family group of over 3000 people. We respect and understand that people can have a differing opinion on aspects of how the club is being managed. We implore you to reach out and offer to join the committee. Have your voice heard and become directly involved in how the club is managed and run. Directly participate in the decision-making process yourself. Bring your opinions and influence to the table. The committee is made up of unpaid volunteers, striving to manage and deliver services to a large and complex organisation that covers team planning, venue management, conduct, administration, coaching, sponsorship, financial management and fiduciary responsibilities.  

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the club at