This week is National Volunteers Week and we are celebrating our volunteer coaches. Our Club is only as strong as our coaches. We have 93 volunteer coaches, 19 of which are youth coaches. Each of these coaches gives up an hour a week for training and at least another hour for game day, and then numerous other hours prepping, looking for drills and undertaking training and team activities. For some coaches who coach multiple teams, they contribute each week is up to 6 hours a week to help out club and players.
The Club is deeply grateful to all of our coaches.

If you are interested in coaching or taking in any other volunteer roles, please contact We are currently looking for people to help with child safety, events, social media, well-being and conduct.

We wanted to use this week to introduce you to a few of these wonderful people and share their stories.

Today, meet Noelle…

I am currently coaching U15.02 and U13.02 girls. 

I started coaching in the summer season 2019/2020, U10 girls. 

I am a Mum of three girls who enjoys gardening and cooking (when I had more time for these things). I found a new passion within the Banyule Hawks and this keeps me busy in my spare time between work and the day to day routine. 

I believe I am a passionate person who throws themselves into any task with enthusiasm. I Really enjoy being around people, mostly children as I appreciate their honesty and views on the world. They often make me laugh and smile. 

I become a volunteer coach when my youngest daughters team needed a coach. I didn’t realise at the time how much joy I would get from doing this. 

One of the best things about coaching is being part of a team! Getting to know so many different personalities and working together to achieve great things. It’s not about winning games it is developing as individuals and as a team. That moment you see someone achieve a personal goal and the celebration together as a team is very satisfying. Although the coach is supposed to be the one teaching it is often the players that are bringing life lessons to me. I have learnt from and appreciated every player I have coached. The families that are there week in and week out cheering from the sidelines, It is a great community that I am proud to be a part of. 

My advice to anyone who is thinking about coaching is give it a go and you just may love it as much as I do. 100% you will find that what you give you get back ten fold. The support from our club will ensure you are well equipped and able to be a coach. 

Most importantly, an acknowledgment to our club and the many volunteers behind the scenes. They are the reason we have such a great club. 

The hours spent from our committee is incredible! Always there to help at anytime. 

The growth in the club for the minimal years I have coached is outstanding and a reflection of the work put in from our volunteer parents. Thanks Hawks committee for keeping us organised, fully stocked with the equipment and most of all your support!