This week is National Volunteers Week and we are celebrating our volunteer coaches. Our Club is only as strong as our coaches. We have 93 volunteer coaches, 19 of which are youth coaches. Each of these coaches gives up an hour a week for training and at least another hour for game day, and then numerous other hours prepping, looking for drills and undertaking training and team activities. For some coaches who coach multiple teams, they contribute each week is up to 6 hours a week to help out club and players.
The Club is deeply grateful to all of our coaches.

If you are interested in coaching or taking in any other volunteer roles, please contact We are currently looking for people to help with child safety, events, social media, well-being and conduct.

We wanted to use this week to introduce you to a few of these wonderful people and share their stories.

Today, meet Natasha…

What team do you coach?

U13.06  girls

How long have you been coaching?

This is my 3rd season!

Tell us a little about you…

I recently turned 15.  I am a fun person to be around and enjoy spending time with my friends. I play and coach at Banyule  Hawks and have taken my team of young girls to the grand final every season I have coached! 

What made you volunteer?

The club needed some extra coaches and my mum asked me if I interested and without hesitation I accepted her offer and she reached out to the club. I have played for so long it was a nice change to be in charge of a team who were eager to learn and passionate about basketball . I use my skills and experiences and pass this knowledge down to the younger girls, which is very rewarding to me.

What’s the best thing about coaching?

That’s a tough one as there a various things l enjoy about being a coach.  Winning 

really close  games where all the girls and parents get hyped up is a great feeling. Or when I teach  my girls a new technique or strategy and seeing them listen and then carry it out on the court is awesome. 

What advice would you have for someone thinking about volunteering?

Definitely give it a go. If you are worried because you don’t have much experience; don’t be. I started with no experience at all but you just learn as you go and create your own style of coaching. If you are still unsure,  you can always go into partnership with a friend, which is also really fun.