Thank you to all our teams for a wonderful winter season. It was fantastic to see so many of our Hawks families at the presentation day to celebrate the season.

The Hawks Committee would like to thank all the parents who give up time to get their kids to games, the Team Contacts who organise scorers and fill-ins and our volunteer coaches who invest countless hours into our player development.

Congratulations to all our players on their continued growth and development, and achievements across the season. As most coaches would tell us, all our players deserve a medal for one reason or another.

Our medal nominations are decided by our coaches and teams and recognise consistent performance and dedication. Congratulations to each of the award recipients from the Summer 22/23 season.

Please note: Families may contact us to request their players names to be removed.

TeamPlayer NameAwardPlayer NameAward
B8.01Riley CaduschMost Valuable TeammateBenjamin Di MarzioMost Valuable Teammate
B8.02Tom AndrewBest Team PlayerOrlando GugliottiMost Improved Player
B8.03Toby KwangMost DeterminedOtis PennyCoaches Award
B8.04Matthew ConiglioMost Improved AwardAlex HolmesBest Defender
B8.05Jude ClaptonMost DeterminedTaz FansonMost Improved
B8.06Eric JibbyMost Improved PlayerZach CordinaMost Valuable Player
B8.07Xavier BuxMost Valuable PlayerNicholas ZaharijevskiMost Determined
G8.01Marley WalkerCoaches awardRuby MartinMost Determined
G8.02Maddie IssacCoaches AwardScarlett BailesCoaches Award
G8.03Nova BaileyBest Defensive PlayerCartia La RosaCoaches Award
G8.04Alice NgoPlayer of the YearEvie ShelleyMost Improved
B10.01Liam O’ConnorBest RebounderLachlan PeratinosBest Defender
B10.02Dylan KellyMost ImprovedJay EomCoaches Award
B10.03Xavier MigonMost ImprovedArchie WatermanMost Determined
B10.04Dhruv ShettyMVPDaksh ShettyMost Improved
B10.05Louis TangTop TeamworkLewis GazzolaCoaches Award
B10.06Harry ReardonMVPIsaac LowBest Team Player
B10.07Alexander CarnovaleCoaches AwardMax LamontMost Improved
B10.08Zeki KocakBest Team PlayerFinn BolandCoaches Award
B10.09Rupert HildBest Defensive PlayerElliot PowerGreat Allrounder
B10.11Vihaan DhruveMost DeterminedAlex BaglinMost Improved
B10.12Archie BrownMVPXander WaltersMost Improved
B10.13Erwin MalikCoaches AwardTony WangMost Improved
G10.01Pierra La RosaCoaches AwardTaylor KendallBest Team Player
G10.02Harley TaylorMost ImprovedNeave Clifford-DoughtyMost Determined
G10.03Kayleigh DavisMVPHelena AspridisMost Improved
G10.04Willa RawalMost DeterminedTilly SouthurstMost Improved
G10.05Lily HamiltonMost determinedOlivia FreibergMost improved
B12.01Fergus GowanMost ImprovedRhoan McKenzieMVP
B12.02Kaan KocakMVPLawson ParkmanCoaches Award
B12.03Kai EvansMost Valuable PlayerBeau MartinMost Dependable Player
B12.04Miles KendallCoaches AwardTom DaveyMVP
B12.05Jeremy BlackmoreSteph Curry AwardDamon McRaeCoaches Award
B12.06Hugo BrowneMVPNoah SinclairCoaches Award
B12.07Cedric VivianMost ImprovedMarshall HenryMost Determined
B12.08Harry Hull-BrownMost Valuable PlayerFletcher HewittMost Improved Player
B12.09Matthew HePlayer’s PlayerJosh DatoCoaches Award
B12.10Brendan ZhangMost ImprovedFinbarr KeenanGreat Allrounder
B12.11Flynn HamiltonMost DeterminedNehan KarunathilakaMost Improved
B12.12Jasper BlairUnrelenting DefenceQuinn Patena MccarthyEmerging Leader
B12.13Owen McGregorMost Valuable PlayerZach WymanMost Improved Player
B12.14Oliver MundayCoaches AwardChristian ShannonMost Improved
B12.15Ike NgoCoaches AwardHenry BurnsBest Player
G12.01Esme NolanJoint MVPZoe GasserJoint MVP
G12.02Lia MarsicovetereNever Gives UpRuby PenningerStrongest Defender
G12.03Imogen HuntCoaches AwardJesinta ChehadeAwesome Defence
G12.04Indigo BurnsMost DeterminedTilly KingMost Improved
G12.05Chloe Ollari-HazyMVPMaggie ParkCoach’s Award
G12.06Sienna Pedraza MahechaMost ImprovedLily HamiltonMost Determined
G12.07Yuna EomMost ConsistentLily JensenCoaches Leadership Award
G12.08Adele VoutierAll RounderRachel AdairMost Passionate
G12.09Bliss BoagSharp Shooter AwardAbi HoworthDefensive Beast Award
G12.10Edie NottGreat Team PlayerEila SpencerConsistently Fierce Player
B14.01Mitch TomicMVPRory MartinBest Team Player
B14.02James Tarau100% Effort AwardLevi StockMost Improved
B14.03Jake WaltonMost DeterminedSamuel BrljakMost Improved
B14.04Ben Hull-BrownJa Morant AwardAdhvik HegdeKobe Bryant Award
B14.05Andrew ForrestMVPRyan HenryMVP
B14.06Harry LintonCoaches AwardMichael HarperMVP
B14.07Jaden PurmawinataCoaches AwardMicah JayasingheMost Improved
B14.08Zane HughesBest Team PlayerWill GawlerMost Improved Player
B14.09Luke ButtigiegCoaches AwardDeclan KeenanCoaches Award
B14.10Jackson PattersonMost Valuable PlayerDarcy ThorneMost Improved Player
G14.01Alba NolanMVPAllegra PaoliMost Determined
G14.02Amara MatiasMost DeterminedHala HatamCoaches Award
G14.03Keira MakinCoaches AwardPoppy PenningerBest Team Player
G14.04Grace RomanovskiMost Valuable PlayerKiara GeorgeMost Dependable Player
G14.05Jade DawsonBest Defensive PlayerOrla McEnearneyMost Persistent Award
G14.06Tilly BurkeMVPErica BellisMost Improved
G14.07Bea ForbesMost ImprovedMeghan ThomasMVP
G14.08Elena KatiforisMost Valuable PlayerChloe NastevskiFerocity Award
B16.02Noah DenchMost ImprovedLachlan McConnellMost Determined
B16.03Sam WatersMVPMarcus De GuzmanMVP
B16.04Agam SainiMost Improved Benjamin CourtMVP
B16.05Gus WalkerLeadership AwardKazumi TamMost Improved
B16.06Hayden WhittakerMVPSamuel SeeMost Determined
B16.07Oliver KennedySteph Curry AwardFinn Taylor-NashDennis Rodman Award
B16.08Adam Di GirolamoCoaches AwardSamuel MurphyCoaches Award
B16.09Oliver KennedySteph Curry AwardFinn Taylor-NashDennis Rodman Award
B16.10Ethan RendaMVPDexter LucasMost Determined
G16.01Mia PowellCoaches AwardMietta ManolakakisTeam Player
G16.02Sara BellisMost ConsistentOlivia DarcyMost Improved
G16.03Zoe StockCoaches AwardImogen MaloneyCoaches Award
B18.03Dylan StarmansMost ImprovedMarius NixonMost Creative
B18.04Jack Lopez LightfootRookie of the YearSeth BullDefensive Beast
G18.01Isabelle MillershipCoaches AwardLexus JovanovskiMost Dedicated
G21.01Liv BakeMVPWillow Nagy PickfordCoaches Award