Dear Hawks families, 

The EDJBA held a meeting last night to try and plot a path forward for the Winter season.  

Our original refund proposal was prior to this latest lockdown, and on the basis the EDJBA were planning to ensure all teams got 2 weeks of games during finals, to maximise registration value. 

We’ve now lost 2 more weeks, and while the EDJBA will look to extend the season by an additional week (play a game on Saturday 18th September), a return to play is still unclear at this stage.  

As a community focussed club, we need to ensure you, our members, are looked after. 

We will be making the following changes to the refund / rollover amounts for games missed in Winter season. 

Refund amount for families that will not return for Summer season 

A refund of $100 will now be available to members.  

Please reply to this email and supply your bank account details if you will be taking up this option. All of these requests will be collated and processed at the end of the season. Please be patient, this is a very manual process, and we have limited resources. 

If you would like to donate a portion of this refund amount to club, you have that option also, and you can advise as such when you provide your details 

Rollover amount for families that will play Summer season 

The discount code below has now been updated to provide a $120 discount when you register via the link at bottom of this email. 

This extra $20 is to negate the proposed $20 fee increase for summer.  

Discount Code: DF92149D 

For now, the committee agrees that there are certain initiatives, including the recruitment of additional paid resource, that can wait. The biggest priority is getting as many of our members as possible to re-register for the upcoming summer season. 

We cannot guarantee that summer will be any easier, there is no way of predicting lockdowns. But if we have a situation where games are missed, we will continue to look after members as we’ve done in this instance.  

These revised discounts mean the club has some exposure should we play more Winter games, and have an uninterrupted Summer season, but the club can dip into reserves if required. Again, the focus for now is to encourage as many kids as possible to play the summer season. 

Summer registration link 

Use this code DF92149D when you register to receive your $120 discount. 

If you have already registered using the $30 discount, we will arrange to reimburse you the difference 

Given the changing landscape, we will extend early bird registrations to Friday 27th August, so please jump on the link above and register when you can. 

Presentation day 

Given the interrupted season, continued restrictions, the aforementioned refunds, and the fact that the EDJBA will not be running conventional ‘finals’, it is unlikely at this stage that we will run a presentation day for the Winter season. We look forward to being able to do this again in Summer. 


Banyule Hawks Committee