Thank you to all our teams for a wonderful winter season. It was fantastic to see so many of our Hawks families at the presentation day to celebrate the season.

The Hawks Committee would like to thank all the parents who give up time to get their kids to games, the Team Contacts who organise scorers and fill-ins and our volunteer coaches who invest countless hours into our player development.

Congratulations to all our players on their continued growth and development, and achievements across the season. As most coaches would tell us, all our players deserve a medal for one reason or another.

Our medal nominations are decided by our coaches and teams and recognise consistent performance and dedication. Congratulations to each of the award recipients from the winter 2022 season.

Please note: Families may contact us to request their players names to be removed.

Player NameTeamMedal Text
Scarlett RicardoGirls 9.01Most Improved
Isadora DesmondGirls 9.01Coach’s Award
Imogen BurnsGirls 9.02MVP
Charlotte BuxGirls 9.02Most Improved
Charlize PanoussisGirls 9.03Most Valuable Player
Nadya InGirls 9.03Most Improved Player
Nora BakerGirls 9.04Most Enthusiastic
Scarlett BailesGirls 9.04Most Determined
Yasmine TrabuccoGirls 11.01Most Improved Player
Stella CoetzeeGirls 11.01Most Determined Player
Lucy FlightGirls 11.02Coaches Award
Jess SellwoodGirls 11.02Most Consistent
Ruby OrmondGirls 11.03MVP
Natalie DarcyGirls 11.03Coaches Award
Quinn RyanGirls 11.04Best Teammate
Hazel BansalGirls 11.04Most Enthusiastic
Maddison HawkinsGirls 11.05MVP
Adele PapaioannouGirls 11.05Coaches Award
Alice PalmerGirls 11.06MVP
Elena RedmanGirls 11.06Most Improved
Gwen FrayGirls 11.07Coach’s Award
Cara McEneaneyGirls 11.07Best Defensive Player
Lily HamiltonGirls 11.08Most Improved
Alandra KairouzGirls 11.08Most Determined
Sara CassarinoGirls 13.01Coaches Award
Emily SellwoodGirls 13.01Coaches Award
Maddie BondGirls 13.02MVP
Emily SwainGirls 13.02Most Dependable Player
Xyon SmithGirls 13.03MVP
Heeva MashhadiGirls 13.03Coaches Award
Orla McEneaneyGirls 13.04MVP
Vivienne LinGirls 13.04Best Defensive Player
Sophia CrewtherGirls 13.05Most Improved
Marley JhureeaGirls 13.05Brilliant Ball Handling
Yuna EomGirls 13.06Best Defensive Player
Saanvi JoshiGirls 13.06Most Improved
Sophie BakeGirls 15.01Coaches Award
Audrey AndersonGirls 15.01Coaches Award
Miya LeeGirls 15.02MVP
Emily FoaleGirls 15.02Most Reliable
Niamh MinnockGirls 15.03Confidence and determination
Sara BellisGirls 15.03Best emerging star
Pippa MedleyGirls 15.04MVP
Jess SheardGirls 15.04MVP
Chloe SiaGirls 17.01Team Motivator
Jemima DrakeGirls 17.01Sharp Shooter
Katelyn McGregorGirls 21.01Most Determined
Jemima DrakeGirls 21.01Coaches Award
Lachlan PeratinosBoys 9.01Most Determined
Will AndrewBoys 9.01Most Improved
Kiyan MashtoubBoys 9.02Top Scorer
Levi ChanBoys 9.02Most Consistent
Oden GunnBoys 9.03Most Valuable Player
Hugo ParkmanBoys 9.03Most Improved Player
Archie BurnsBoys 9.04Most Improved
Leo ContiBoys 9.04Coach’s Award
Yash GowdaBoys 9.05Most Improved
Emmerson BestBoys 9.05Most Determined
William YoungBoys 9.06Coach’s award
Harry YehBoys 9.06Most improved
Tyler ShicoBoys 9.07Most Determined
Nicholas LyonsBoys 9.07Most Improved
Lucas ZanninoBoys 9.08Most Consistent
Ollie WindebankBoys 9.08Coaches award
James ParrellaBoys 9.09MVP
Sam GleesonBoys 9.09Best Defensive Player
Patrick DingBoys 9.10MVP
Vansh RawatBoys 9.10Most Improved Player
Zac ParrellaBoys 9.11Coaches Award
Beau SwindonBoys 9.11Coaches Award
Beau MartinBoys 11.01MVP
Will BorschmannBoys 11.01Best Defender
Ferg GowanBoys 11.02MVP
Noah SinclairBoys 11.02Coach’s Award
Ben BranaganBoys 11.03Most Determined
Mason ErkecBoys 11.03Coaches Award
Mason ChanBoys 11.04MVP
Josh CaduschBoys 11.04Most Improved Player
Christian OraceskiBoys 11.05Coach’s Award
Sullivan CassidyBoys 11.05Best Team Mate Award
Jasper BairBoys 11.06Most Improved Player
Jacob LowBoys 11.06Team Spirit Award
Cillian WarmingtonBoys 11.07MVP
Daksh ShettyBoys 11.07Most Improved
Jax AmorBoys 11.08Most Improved
Benjamin ShortBoys 11.08Most Determined
Christian LamovskiBoys 11.09Most Determined
Tyber WebbBoys 11.09Most Improved
Jem BennettBoys 11.10Most Valuable Player
Ash SethBoys 11.10Best Defensive Player
Pitchy MazurBoys 11.11Top Teamwork
Xavier MigonBoys 11.11Coach’s Award
Dylan GrolloBoys 13.01MVP
Heath MolloyBoys 13.01Best Team Player
Patrick GazzolaBoys 13.02Steph Curry Award
Tommy NieuwoudtBoys 13.02LeBron James Award
Levi StockBoys 13.03Most Dynamic Player
Samuel BrljakBoys 13.03Most Determined Player
Gulliver MastersBoys 13.04MVP
Declan LoeckxBoys 13.04Best Defensive Player
Daniel WangBoys 13.05Most Valuable Player
Matthew HeBoys 13.05Most Determined
Luke HailaBoys 13.06Most Determined
Richard WangBoys 13.06Coaches Award
Joel TownsendBoys 13.07MVP
James MoyBoys 13.07Coaches Award
Sam HuybensBoys 13.08MVP
Ryan ButtigiegBoys 13.08MVP
Flynn HamiltonBoys 13.09Most Determined
Levi HamiltonBoys 13.09Most Improved
Zane HughesBoys 13.10Best Scorer Award
Westley HassanBoys 13.10Most Improved Award
Christian BensonBoys 15.01Best Team Player
Lucas WalkerBoys 15.01MVP
Sam VassBoys 15.02MVP
Aidan KaravasBoys 15.02Coach’s Award
Marcus De GuzmanBoys 15.03MVP
Ben SherwillBoys 15.03Best Defensive Player
Noah SpencerBoys 15.04MVP
Jackson StanBoys 15.04Most Determined
Gus WalkerBoys 15.05MVP
Connor IoannouBoys 15.05Most Improved
Harry FryBoys 15.06MVP
Max ColtonBoys 15.06Defensive Running Machine
Neo SmithBoys 15.07Players’ Player
Zac PhilipBoys 15.07Players’ Player – Runner Up
BIlly StocksBoys 15.08Defensive Player
Samuel SeeBoys 15.08MVP
Casper ChoiBoys 15.09MVP
Tyrese WatersBoys 15.09Team Leader
Ben DysonBoys 17.012nd Highest Scorer
Oliver SmithBoys 17.01Highest Scorer
Jack CoadyBoys 17.02Coach’s Award
Gabriel MorrisseyBoys 17.02Coach’s Award
Nathan McConnellBoys 17.03MVP
Ben CrocianiBoys 17.03Most Improved
Kelan CoolahanBoys 17.04MVP
Benjamin CourtBoys 17.04Most Improved Player
Dylan StarmansBoys 17.05Most Improved
Joseph NottBoys 17.05MVP
Sonny MoranBoys 21.01Defensive Player of the Season
Ethan MorrisBoys 21.01Most Valuable Player
Ryan CatesBoys 21.02Team Award
Ryan MoodieBoys 21.02Team Award
Total Medals144